Exporting to Brazil?

The export process to Brazil seems to be a difficult task due to trade barriers and restrictive local regulations. For that reason GCA can provide accurate information for your cargo needs. Below you will find some information about Brazil regulations.

Foreign operations in Brazil count with a system that integrates registration, control and follow-up of all imports and exports in the country. This system is called RADAR and help companies deal with its external commerce activities in Brazil. RADAR stands for Ambiente de Registro e Rastreamento de Atuação do Intervenientes Aduaneiros (Ambient of Registration and Tracking of Activities of the Customs Agents). RADAR is a license which authorizes companies to import and export in Brazil, and it grants access to the SISCOMEX System (Integrated System of External Commerce) within the Federal Revenue.

SISCOMEX is the instrument that integrates registration, follow-up and control of every foreign trade operation through a single computerized flow of information. This system is administrated by the Foreign Trade Secretariat (SECEX), together with the Federal Revenue Secretariat (SRF) and the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN). Natural or legal persons who are interested in operating in external commerce, whether importing or exporting, may obtain the RADAR license.

You must have a Brazilian company in Brazil to get the license. To enable your company in RADAR, it is necessary to present the documents required by the government in order to verify your company financial situation. The documents will depend on the type and situation of your company. The information presented to the government must match with the information registered on the system. The average time for RADAR review and approval in the SISCOMEX is approximately 15 days. Nevertheless, if there is any problem with the documentation, an extension of 30 days will be allowed to submit the final documents.

Finally, who determines the modality is the supervisor. One of the assumptions for the financial analysis is to calculate the sum of the payments of federal taxes and social security contributions paid in the last five (5) years such as income taxes, social contribution, among others.

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