GCA, now with offices throughout Canada, with services to the US and Latin America

There are several ways to ship from Canada to Latin America. As your shipping solution we would analyze which would be the most effective route in terms of costs and transit times. Air, Ocean, or combined with ground trucking and rail services. GCA offers direct flights from Toronto, Montreal and other cities in Canada to South America. If the shipment is less than 75 lbs, we can provide courier services from major partners DHL, FedEx or UPS.

Para sus embarques de Canadá a Latinoamérica, GCA, como su solución de transporte, analiza la forma más eficiente para el transporte, en términos de costos y tiempos de tránsito. GCA ofrece vuelos directos desde Toronto, Montreal y otras ciudades en Canadá con destino a las principales ciudades en Latinoamérica. Si el envío es inferior a 75 libras, le ofrecemos servicio por medio de nuestros partners de Courier, DHL, FedEx o UPS.