Our Social Responsibility

We at GCA take social and environmental responsibility seriously and consider both pillars of a sustainable business. Leaving the world a better place than we found it is one of our mantras and we are involved with multiple projects and charities to ensure we do our part. Here are a couple ways we help out.

Contributing to Operación Sonrisa (Operation Smile) in Colombia


One of the main focuses of our social contribution is in the form of raising money and support for Operación Sonrisa in Colombia who provides reconstructive surgeries and multidisciplinary treatments for children born with cleft lip or cleft palate. In Colombia, a child is unfortunately born with cleft lip or cleft palate every 9 hours, and as they develop, most have extreme developmental difficulty with speech, self-esteem and eating.

At GCA, we are very involved and active in the greater Miami area within multiple chambers of commerce and other organizations. We contribute in many ways to help support Operación Sonrisa as well as share the plight of these poor children in Colombia with all of our friends, families, colleagues and contacts within our networks to which we have received much support. We have raised a noteworthy sum for Operación Sonrisa and plan to do so far into the future to ensure these kids get the chance at a better life.

If you are interested to contribute to these organization, you can contact us or you can contact them directly at http://operacionsonrisa.org.co/.

Focus on Green Processes

GCA is committed to employing GREEN processes in any way possible. While many of our competitors are focused solely on getting something from A to B in the quickest and cheapest way possible, we at GCA think that is environmentally irresponsible. Here are a just a few of the ways that we Go GREEN.

  • The reuse and recycling of packing and shipping materials when in good condition (lowers cost as well)
  • Document recycling at our warehouse and offices
  • E-billing practices
  • Scanning and backup of 95% of our documents in The Cloud (the government requires some hard copy documents)