Company Info

GCA Global Cargo Alliance, a leading freight forwarder in the logistics market established in 1994, is a customer-dedicated company that delivers premium service at very competitive prices. With headquarters in Miami, FL, GCA represents the best shipping solution for your business.

The business started as a courier company, shipping packages from Miami to Latin America. As the business grew, the customers’ needs became more and more demanding; contributing to what GCA has now evolved to. GCA currently offers shipping solutions to customers all over the world; relying on a professional network of agents that represent GCA in the 5 continents.

In 2007, and thanks to the company’s continuous growth, GCA relocated to a 45.000 Sq. Ft. CFS (Container Freight Station) fully bonded warehouse, expanding its capacity to receive, store and handle your shipments no matter their size or contents.

GCA is an NVOCC and OTI, which does not only offer a well maintained know-how in the logistics operations, but also a professional staff qualified enough to assure an appropriate handling of your cargo in Air, Ocean, Ground, and Courier transportation. GCA’s involvement in various international trade networks links us to many service providers throughout the globe, reinforcing our drive to provide transnational end-to-end logistics solutions to our customers.


To give a complete solution for the transportation of goods, via air, ocean or land, and all the supplementary logistic services, in a way that the freight will arrive efficiently to their destination, thus contributing to the success of our customers.


To be a leader in the transportation industry, being recognized as a company with 17 years of experience in the industry, with the highest levels of service quality and ethical professionalism, while acknowledging our responsibilities to our employees and the communities we serve.

Quality Policy

To satisfy our customer’s needs by continually improving our services in the transportation and logistics solutions for their freight, efficiently and on time, every time.

GCA Sustainable Development

In order to have a sustainable development and growth, GCA has set three essential and indispensable objectives to increase its financial results. The first objective is economic success. All employees and shareholders must be committed to obtain positive results in terms of sales and profits. Part of this objective has to be the analysis of healthy accounts, in terms of payments (accounts receivables) and financial projection. The second objective is to make GCA a company where all employees thrive both personally and professionally. If the company is to succeed today and in the future, we must, more than ever before and more than anyone else, attract and retain the most talented individuals. The third and final objective is to ensure that as a company, GCA is seen as a global corporation. The company has the characteristics and qualification to become a global and multinational corporation. “Thinking outside the box” and beginning opening new healthy accounts in a global way, is one of the top goals that the company is focused on.

GCA Certifications

In order to cover worldwide operations via air, ocean and ground, GCA has the following certifications:

  • TSA: Based on this license, GCA is able to ship cargo via air according to the regulations of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration).
  • NVOCC: GCA based on long-time experience, is non-Vessel-Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs), which is required to obtain a license from the FMC.
  • C-TPAT: We are C-TPAT certified, improving supply chain security and reducing freight delays.