About GCA

GCA has its origins in Miami, FL and its history dates back to 1994 as a shipping company between the USA and Latin America. In 2001, GCA increased its service portfolio to span five continents. Currently, GCA is a provider of diversified transportation solutions worldwide such as: Ocean, Air and Ground freight, customs brokerage, project management and warehousing, among others.

GCA holds the following licenses:

  • NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier).
  • OTI (Ocean Transportation Intermediary), controlled by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission)
  • IAC (Indirect Air Carrier), approved by the TSA.
  • C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).

Our services are based on:

– Quality policy based on efficiency and reliability.
– Sustainable development plan based on three objectives:
•    Economic success
•    Personal and professional success
•    Being a global corporation
– Competitive rates in all shipping solutions.
– Strategic Alliances with air, ground and ocean carriers.
– Career development opportunities with the purpose of ensuring corporate growth and   improvement.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our company offers a personalized service, and we take pride in continually evaluating and tapping our clients to ever improve our services. This dedication to customer service is reflected in our esteemed portfolio, which for a small business, is industry leading for our size at over 3000 active clients from other small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

As freight forwarders, our services extend internationally and we have dedicated agents in many countries including Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, England, Austria, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, China and The Philippines, which facilitates rapid communication with our clients and improves customer service dramatically.

Ensuring constant and direct communication with our clients is one our main priorities. Even though we are a small business attending to a large client base, we have invested much time and effort into our communication and logistics system as to not jeopardize our ability to provide personalized attention for every single one of our clients. Meeting and resolving specific issues from individual clients rapidly is what differentiates us from other freight forward companies that don’t have the organization, or ability to offer such attention to detail.

It is important for us that our clients do not see us as just an independent company that provides them a great service, instead we want to be seen as their personal shipping department that is ready to scale and improve right along with them.

Corporate Culture at GCA

As a company that provides its services around the world, we have employed a business culture that can be described as dynamic, proactive, innovative, open to new ideas, not resistant to change and one that provides equal treatment for all. We truly love what we do, and that energy and fervor is visible from the second you reach up the phone and give us a call.

Morality, honesty, respect, tolerance and responsibility are the most important values in our company creed and those values are reinforced every day in multiple ways. Our executives implement and live by our company’s culture at all times, serving as an example for the rest of the team. From the warm induction and training process of each of our new team members, we make sure to highlight how important the aforementioned values are for us and our happy clients.

Sustainable Workforce

Providing our services around the world obligates us to be constantly in touch with people from other regions who have different cultures and traditions. It’s important for us to have a diverse workforce that knows how to manage different backgrounds and sensitivities of our clients, and also that our business team can rely on each other for support. In order to support one another, having a clear and well implemented business culture is paramount. To help maintain diversity among our staff, we prefer to hire people with experience outside of their home country. This global perspective and worldly life experience can be a trip, studies or jobs, just as long as they have had some meaningful contact with the outside world. Being close to our employees, developing a kind, and mutually respectful relationship, having great communication and mostly creating an individual plan of action and schedule that each employee is responsible for is the way we keep our staff both interested and motivated.

Our Marketing Strategy

GCA works as an integral shipping company and not only provides all cargo services, but also small package shipping services. We become our clients shipping department in order to provide a personalized and unique service. Our continued participation in multiple international networks has helped us to position our name as an industry leader within our target industries.

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