Why do we recommend to insure your products for exports, imports and US domestic shipments?

One of the best reasons is to reduce the exposure to financial loss. If you’re an exporter, importer or distributor you run the risk of suffering a financial loss if the goods are lost or damaged during transit. Logistics insurance are not expensive in comparison with product’s commercial value. In the event that the product is not insured, we can help to put a claim with the ocean line, airline or trucking company. In these cases, the liability of the carrier applies and in most of the cases, a claim might take several months and the reimbursement would be based on a maximum liability. Contact us for a detailed explanation.

For over 15 years Global Cargo Alliance has been the leading provider of Cargo Insurance of shippers worldwide. If you have any need for freight insurance, GCA will guide you during the complete process at very competitive rates. For a complete insurance quote, please contact us.

* Terms and conditions apply. Deductible fee might change depending on the destination country, modality and cargo details. In case that the insurance provide will be FedEx, DHL or UPS, the deductible will be based on their terms and conditions.

The following terms and conditions apply for cargo and courier claims’ processes.

Global Cargo Alliance, as your shipping provider, wants to make sure you receive the highest-quality service. For us, it is very important to clarify to all our clients what should be taking into account if there is any in consistence with the shipment. GCA will assist you during the process with the carrier and will assure you get a reasonable result.

  1. For package loss or damaged please note that:
    • The consignee must keep the original shipping packages and merchandise in order for the carrier to inspect the package and evaluates the packaging according to their guidelines.
    • Client must provide supporting documents to demonstrate the commercial value of the lost/ damaged merchandise (commercial invoice).
    • Carriers take into account declared values stated in the label. The reimbursement will be based on the insured value. If the cargo is not insured, the responsibility of the carrier will be based on their minimum liability policies.
    • Claims regarding incoming, outgoing, or domestic shipments, returns, pick ups, delays, quotes, lost or damaged merchandise or any other circumstances that are considered as a Courier issue must be handled in a period of 15 days after it is delivered.
  2. For billing inquiries please note that:
    • Customers must consider that the carrier can verify weight and dimensions and make the necessary corrections.
    • The final invoice can vary depending on extra charges at destination.
    • Freight value has to be paid to GCA in order to process the claim with the insurance company.

Claims regarding invoices, billing or any other circumstances that are considered an Accounting Case, must be handled in a period of 15 days after the service is invoiced. Please note that each claim will be under consideration depending on the occurred circumstances. For additional terms and conditions, please go to http://www.gcargo.com/terms-and-conditions/

What can you get if you insure the cargo through GCA?

  • Coverage up to the commercial invoice of your goods.
  • Domestic and international multi-modal protection against loss or damage.
  • Claims are processed in the first two weeks and as soon as we get the complete documentation, we will file it with the underwriter.
  • You will receive a dedicated support team who will send you periodically updates for the claim and resolution process.