Specialized in the handling, movement, and transportation of cranes, bobcats, tractors, excavators, and other kind of heavy-duty equipment. We have taken part in the movement of equipment of major projects, such as the construction of one of the new terminals of a major port in Panama. Depending on the type of equipment, we offer several options to our clients, being efficient and competitive in our sector.

GCA is capable of moving any type of merchandise including cranes, tractors, backhoes bulldozers, tanks, trailers, excavators, crushers, ditch diggers, road wideners, tanks, dump trucks, concrete mixers, pumps, drilling rigs, perforators, vacuum trucks, water trucks, among others.

With network services throughout the 48 states, including Mexico & Canada, GCA has access to a large network of owner operators and major carriers from the ground industry. All permits and documents will be managed by GCA so if you are shipping to Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Spain or Dubai, or anywhere in the world, GCA will offer you a complete solution from the pickup until the delivery.