GCA attending the Intermodal at Sao Paulo, Brazil

This year, Global Cargo Alliance will be attending the 20th edition of Intermodal South America Sao Paulo, Brazil from April 1st to April 4th, 2014. We look forward to create new alliances and relationships with exporters, importers and shipping companies. Over 600 brands from 20 different countries are going to present their stands and it is expected that in 2015 this number will increase at least 10%.

Ricardo Barbosa, Fair manager of the Conference stated: “Intermodal today is much more than a place to meet cargo transportation chain service renders. Throughout two decades, the event has become part of companies’ business strategy. In addition to that, in 2014, the event will take place in a moment of great expectations to the sector. During the last months, practically all modals were contemplated with public and private investment projects that aim to increase logistics efficiency, a traditional choke-point in the country cargo transportation”.

Global Cargo Alliance estará presente en la Intermodal, feria internacional que se llevará a cabo en Sao Paulo, Brasil del 1 al 4 de abril del 2014. Esperamos crear nuevas relaciones comerciales con exportadores, importadores y agentes de carga. Si usted planea asistir, por favor contáctenos al 786-507-0462 para agendar una reunión y revisar posibles sinergias.

For more information about the fair, please visit their website at www.intermodal.com.br