How Incoterms apply when shipping via Courier

Referred as International Commercial Terms, these are accepted rules that apply to global trade. With these terms, both the seller and buyer agree which tasks, costs and risks are associated with the responsibility of each one.
When shipping via courier, carriers like DHL, request to have an incoterm selected for the waybill. The following are the terms that are commonly used for this type of service:

• DAP (formerly DTU): includes the transport costs until the shipment reaches its destination, however the payment of duties and taxes Is responsibility of the consignee.
• DDP (formerly DTP): includes all charges until the package reaches the consignee, including duties and taxes.

Depending on the details of the shipment, we can help you review the incoterm that applies. You can refer to the above chart for a complete incoterms chart which are mostly used for cargo services.