Ground Delays due to Weather Conditions

Some of our carriers, including XPO, SEFL, ABF and YRC are facing a number of restrictions and closures as a result of weather conditions. Check this link for additional information. LINK

Major lines of Concern:

• Interstate 35 from Dallas to Oklahoma City.
• Interstate 40 from Oklahoma City to Little Rock.
• Interstate 44 from Wichita Falls, Texas, to St. Louis.
• Interstate 64 from St. Louis to Louisville, Kentucky.
• Interstate 65 from Indianapolis to Nashville, Tennessee.
• Interstate 70 from St. Louis to Frederick, Maryland.
• Interstate 80 from Toledo, Ohio, to Teaneck, New Jersey.
• Interstate 95 from Philadelphia to the Maine-Canada border.

Check;-92.8;4&l=temperature-2m for current weather information: