Ground Transportation

GCA offers competitive shipping within the USA, Canada, and Mexico. GCA has agreements with carriers who comply with quality service and competitive prices. Our goal is to reduce your inland costs and to give you the best customer service from pickup to delivery. Let us handle your inland shipments while you concentrate on your business!!!

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By accessing the above link, you agree with the following terms. Please verify that the information you enter is correct to avoid billing issues later. Areas where most problems occur are from entering the wrong class or weight of the shipment. Please be aware of this and proceed accordingly. Please note that the PCF calculator is for informational use only and should be used as such. It is the responsibility of every user to verify that they are using the correct class for their shipments. If the shipment information is different than the one provided by the customer, additional charges may apply, including: re-weights dim-weights, re-classifications, accessorial charges, etc.
Unless you specify insurance, your shipment will not be insured through GCA. For additional terms and conditions please click LTL Freight Classification

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Our tool benefits:

  • You can get an instant quote online.
  • You can compare all the different carriers.
  • You will have all the information in one single system (BOL, Pro#, Proof of delivery etc…)
  • Automatic dispatching with all carriers.
  • An unparalleled Tracking system. (tracking status updates, document retrieval of POD’s, and BOL’s, and automatic Pro# retrieval and assignment).
  • GCA will assist you if you have any question or concern.
  • There is no fee or contract to use our services.

GCA’s Ground department does not know the limits… With vast experience in ground shipping, GCA is capable of moving any type of merchandise from cranes, tractors, excavators, heavy-duty vehicles to cars, pallets, crates or boxes over 150 lbs. This department works very closely with the GCA’s Air and Ocean department in order to cover international shipments also. GCA ships to the 5 continents, so no matter the destination, GCA will deliver in the most efficient way.

Our Difference

  • Vast experience in moving commercial products and understanding end-user needs in terms of urgency, security, and price-competitiveness.
  • Pickup and delivery services in most common areas in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, having a portfolio of the most known carriers from the ground industry. No matter where you want to ship, we can deliver your cargo!
  • Personalized customer service, daily status update from pickup to delivery.
  • GCA’s ground department also offers additional services such as insurance, warehousing and much more…becoming an adviser of your shipping needs.


Looking for intermodal freight?

Intermodal Freight involves the transportation of freight using different modes of transportation (rail and truck). GCA works with all major rail companies in the US. When you ship intermodal, or truck-rail-truck you will be assisted with knowledgeable intermodal freight experts. We are able to create customized plans in order to pick up and deliver your freight in the most efficient methods possible. We have in place several contracts with hundred of carriers that allow us to negotiate a competitive rate. We will assist your company from the pickup to the delivery so you can focus on your business.

Please have in mind the following information to proceed with the pickups with us

  • If the shipment information is different than the one provided by the customer, additional charges may apply, including: re-weights dim-weights, re-classifications, accessorial charges, etc. Carriers are legally allowed to report fees changes up to 6 months.
  • Ground quotes may vary upon pick up date and are valid for 7 days. Rate is subject to change according to fuel variations.
  • For urgent pick ups, rates might be higher depending on truck’s availability. Same day pickups can be done if a minimum time window of 3 hours (before closing time) is provided. Please have in mind that that pickups are not guaranteed and are upon carrier’s availability.
  • For full trucks, specialized cargo, please allow for a 5 day window frame to schedule pick ups. 1 hour window is included for loading and 1 hour for unloading. Additional time will be billed and it depends on the trucking company.
  • For LTL quotes, the driver has a period of 30 minutes to pick up the cargo and 30 minutes to deliver it. If the driver waits longer there will be extra charges for waiting times or detention (these charges may vary according to the carrier company).
  • If special instructions or services are required (i.e.: designating a day/time for pickup/delivery of the cargo, lift gate, residential or inside delivery, non stackable freight etc.) extra charges may apply.
  • Rate does not include cargo loading / Unloading.
  • The transit times are estimated, not guaranteed, unless a guaranteed service is required. The considered transit days are business days only and do not include the day of pickup, weekend or holiday.
  • If a different BOL from the one sent by GCA is used at the moment of the pick up, GCA will not be responsible for the cargo and the costs that will apply for the shipment.
  • If BOL or delivery receipt is not signed informing damage or missing cargo, it is possible that a claim cannot be processed.
  • The charges must be fully paid before proceeding with a claim.

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