Ports Congestions in the U.S.

Every year from August to October ports experience delays as companies begin to prepare for the shopping season. in addition to that, COVID 19 forced many companies to decrease their production, but after a year and a half, the economy recovered, increasing consumer demand and forcing companies to increase their inventories, a situation that led the ports to have higher than normal freight volumes.

“Extreme consumer demand, principally in the US, has combined with Covid-19 shipping and port dislocations all year, creating unprecedented congestion across the globe as well as record freight rates and all-time lows for liner schedule reliability” 10% of the world’s shipping capacity has been taken out due to port congestion issues. According to Lars Jensen “The sudden ‘jump’ from services to goods seen in 2020 lies outside any past jump seen. This means there is no historical precedent to help guide us on a timeline.” Freight Waves.

Considering this information, it is important to note that the high volumes are impacting different ports within the US as well, which in turn can cause delays in some of your shipments . If you want to verify if your shipment is being affected, please don’t hesitate to contact us: 786-507-0462.