DBC Signature Breakfast – UPS Presentation

On Tuesday, May 14th 2013, Mr. Augie Picado, Vice President of Marketing of UPS Americas, was invited to speak at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami at the DBC Signature Breakfast. GCA is an active member of many organizations in the US and abroad, including the DBC (Doral Business Council). GCA participates extensively on the DBC’s International Committee to promote international business and showcase trends and value-added information for the greater Miami professional community.

Mr. Picado’s extensive presentation summarized a study called the BMLA (Business Monitor in Latin America) which examines the growth (and lack thereof) of small to medium sized businesses in the region – extremely important information for many business owners here in Doral and Miami as many not only hail from such countries, but do a significant amount of business with them as well.
Some of the findings from the study presented showed that, in the United States, 74% of exports consist of raw materials, and 74% of imports are manufactured goods – meaning that most of the material that comes out of the USA inevitably returns back to the country.

The middle class is a very important part of any economy, and this truth is especially evident in the case of Latin America, as this growing social class relies mostly on commerce. According to the BMLA study, previous to the recession, 65% of commerce from Brazil, Argentina, México, Colombia, Perú, Chile and Puerto Rico used to happen in a healthy balance of importing and exporting. After the recession, the participation of these countries in the activities of commerce in terms of imports and exports has decreased. Only two countries, Argentina and Brazil, keep their import/export margins high.
Other noteworthy findings from the study were that 30% of internet shoppers in Mexico buy from North American companies.  Another interesting finding was that, of the business owners interviewed, many say they recognize and utilize technical advancements and see them as imperative to staying competitive, including improved customer service via the web and the use of social networks to promote and engage their customers.

GCA believes steadfastly in the importance of networking and the promotion of international relations to not only understand the trends of the global economy, but ensure other businesses and leaders are informed as well. It is only through clear communication that we can see the needs of businesses and communities, and we strive at GCA to open the lines for not only our own company, but others as well to improve the business climate for all. GCA and The DBC encourage other members to join and participate on the international committee to make it the most productive and mutually beneficial it can be.