Air cargo industry, challenges and opportunities

According to the IATA head of cargo Glyn Hughes, the air cargo industry is facing several challenges and opportunities.

“ATA head of cargo Glyn Hughes has called on the air cargo industry to “apply equal vigour” to all the “challenges and opportunities” currently faced by the industry.

Speaking at the Caspain Air Cargo Summit in a global market outlook session, Hughes gave an overview of the tough market conditions that the industry currently faces, but also outlined opportunities.

Speaking on the China-US trade war, he warned the situation could potentially get worse. Brexit could also pile on extra pressure, he explained.

“Both countries [the US and China] are saying that if nothing concrete is resolved from talks this week, then further tariffs will be added,” Hughes said.

Hughes pointed out that the US has imposed tariffs that are three times higher in value terms, compared with China.” Read more on this link.