Cargo Insurance

For over 15 years Global Cargo Alliance has been the leading provider of Cargo Insurance of shippers worldwide. If you have any need for freight insurance, GCA will guide you during the complete process at very competitive rates. For a complete insurance quote, please contact us. Below you will find the deductibles for air, ocean and ground transportation. *

New General Merchandise Items of fragile nature are subject to a deductible of 3% for loss due to breakage minimum any one accident or occurrence Ocean/ Air/Ground
Used General Merchandise Excluding Rust / Oxidization / Discolouration / Scratching / Denting / Marring / Chipping / Mechanical and Electrical Derangement. fragile Goods: Subject to deductible of 1% of Total Insured Value for Loss Due to Breakage, min. $250 any one accident or occurrence. Ocean/ Air/Ground
Automobiles Shipments from dealer to dealer or manufacturer to dealer only. Warranted professionally packed, bloqued braced. Subject to a $500 deductible per automobile. Ocean/ Air/Ground
Laptops / Cell Phones / PDA’s Subject to a deductible of 1% of total insured value, minimum $250.00 Ocean/ Air/Ground
Antiques / Art / Collectibles Warranted professionally packed. Warranted proof of value to be declared in the event of a claim.subject to the antique clause if applicable Ocean/ Air/Ground
* Terms and conditions apply. Deductible fee might change depending on the destination country, modality and cargo details.